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Delivery of Transformer Oil Test Kits

Delivery of Transformer Oil Test Kits

PureTech has just completed the delivery of several transformer oil testing instruments to our customer. Including transformer oil chromatograph analyzer, transformer oil moisture tester, transformer ratio tester, etc.

Transformer oil chromatograph analyzer is also called transformer dissolved gas analyzer (DGA). Dissolved gas chromatographic analysis in transformer oil is one of the regular inspection items that must be carried out for power transformers. When a transformer has a latent fault, it will be accompanied by gas generation. Most of these gases are dissolved in transformer oil. The type and content of the gas generated are related to the nature and type of the fault. Therefore, it is possible to predict the latent fault of the transformer by regularly analyzing the dissolved gas in the transformer oil.

transformer oil dissolved gas chromatograph analyzer test

Value of gas and hydrocarbon gas content in normal transformer oil

Gas composition






Total hydrocarbons

Content (10-6)







1. When the insulating oil is below 140°C, there will be evaporation and slower rate of oxidation.
2. When the insulating oil is at 140~500, the decomposition of the oil mainly produces alkane gas, among which methane and ethane are the main ones. With the increase of temperature (above 500), the accumulation of oil decomposition increases, and the content of olefin and hydrogen increases. Faster, especially ethylene, and when the temperature is higher (about 800°C), acetylene gas will also occur.
3. When there is an electric arc in the oil (the temperature exceeds 1000°C), most of the gas in the oil cracking is acetylene and hydrogen, and there are certain methane and ethylene.
4. During the operation of the equipment, the thermal expansion and contraction caused by load changes, the turbulence caused by the pump circulating oil, and the mechanical vibration caused by the intimate magnetostrictive effect, will cause the formation of cavities and oil Release of dissolved gases.
5. Solid insulating materials, under the action of lower temperature (below 140°C), will gradually deteriorate and produce gas, of which carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are the main components, and the latter is the main component.
6. When the temperature of solid insulating material is higher than 200, in addition to producing carbon and oxides, it also decomposes hydrogen and hydrocarbon gases. With different temperatures, the ratio of CO to CO2 is different, and this ratio is at low temperatures. When it is small, it is large when the temperature is high.
7. Metal materials such as iron and steel play a catalytic role. Water and iron react to generate hydrogen. Steels such as carbon steel can dehydrogenate oil until the metal surface is purified. The catalytic effect does not disappear.

Therefore, take out oil samples from the transformer regularly, and use chromatographic analysis to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of the gas dissolved in the oil, and then according to the components of the dissolved gas in the oil and the content of each component, the inside of the transformer can be predicted Whether there is a fault and the severity of the fault type.

Contact us freely if you have demands of transformer oil testers. We supply transformer oil DGA tester, oil BDV tester, oil Moisture content tester, oil Flash point tester, etc.

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