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Onsite Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering Plant in Southeast Asia

Onsite Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering Plant in Southeast Asia

PureTech 6000 LPH Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant working onsite

PureTech manufactured DVOP/VOP vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering machines are capable of filtering and treating of transformer oil by first heating it and then passing it through specially designed filter and then subjecting it to high vacuum treatment which dehydrates and degasifies the oil to meet specifications of oil as per IEC 60296 Standard.

The Transformer Oil Filtration Plant is Mobile type, can be mounted with castors for factory ground or mounted on mobile trailer with Pneumatic roadworthy wheels . Automatic brakes and towing arrangement shall be provided. The Plant also can be weather proofed (IP 65 rating) and shall be suitable for outdoor use.

The Transformer Oil Filtering plant can improve transformer oil's breakdown voltage up to 75KV and more, and reduce the water content to 5 ppm and lower.

It has following features:

• Electrical heaters with surface efficiency below 1.1 w/cm2, to prevent local overheating
• Fully automatic operation controlled by PLC and Touch screen is optional as per user's needs.
• High vacuum double or single stage vacuum dehydration and degasification system to perform oil filtering work for different voltage transformers
• Double or single stage vacuum system to ensure high vacuum in the vacuum chamber
• Filter rated up to 1 microns prevents particles from entering back into the transformer
• Oil catch pan to prevent accidental spillage, with automatic shutdown control
• Unique vacuum control to optimize the oil treatment process
• Online moisture measurement sensor is optional as per user's needs.
• For double stage vacuum type, the machine can also be used for transformer vacuuming, to realize two functions with one machine.

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