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Why Turbine Oil Purifier Is Required

Why Turbine Oil Purifier Is Required

The lubricating oil system of power generator uses steam turbine oil as the working and lubrication medium, the quality of the turbine oil is an important factor that affects the safety and economic operation of the power generator unit. One of the factors that cause steam turbine oil degradation is the contamination caused by pollutants such as moisture and metal particles. The oil contains water (free water and dissolved water) and metal particles of high concentration. In addition to the known hazards of reduced lubricating performance, corroded metal surfaces, jammed speed control sleeves, and scratched bearing surfaces, it also has the catalytic effect of metal particles, accelerates the oxidative deterioration of the oil and reduces the life of the oil due to the coexistence of water and metal particulate dirt.

Research data shows that when only metal particles or only water is present in the oil, the effect of the oxidative deterioration on the oil is not obvious. However, when metal and water are both present at the same time, the oxidation rate increases rapidly. The oxidation rate of oil by using iron particles is accelerated by 10 times, and copper particles increase the oxidation rate of oil by 30 times. Therefore, controlling the moisture and metal particles in the oil within the specified range, the service life of the oil can be extended 3-5 times.

The solid particles such as metal particles in the lubricating oil system are mainly divided into external intrusion and internal generation. The moisture originates from the unreasonable gap of the steam seal of the power generator unit. The steam leaks into the bearing chamber and condenses into water, which is mixed into the oil. Due to the fast oil circulation speed, air enters inside easily, when the oil and air are in close contact, which accelerates the oxidation of the oil and generates secondary pollutants such as organic acids, colloids, and sludge, which affects the anti-emulsification performance and acid value. Therefore, in order to improve the performance of the oil, prevent the generation of secondary pollutants, extend the service life of the oil, save energy, reduce consumption and reduce operating costs, and ensure the safe and economic operation of the unit, it is necessary to strengthen the control of the lubricating oil system pollution.

We PureTech developed and Manufactured serveral models of turbine Oil Purification Machines aimed for different oil conditions.

(1) Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier.  With the thermal vacuum processing, it can effectively remove the free and dissolved water, as well as processing emulsified oil.

(2) Coalescing Oil Purifier. It is capable of oil demulsification.

(3) Centrifugal Oil Separator. It is especially for the oil contains much impurities and water, with the centrifugal force, oil centrifuge has high effeciency in removing large particles and water.

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