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How to choose the filtering accuracy of oil filter

How to choose the filtering accuracy of oil filter

The selection of the filtering accuracy of the oil filter is mainly affected by two factors.

1. The oil type. For example, insulating oil can only achieve high insulation value through high-precision filtration, and the requirements of large modulus gears for impurities are much more extensive.

2. The viscosity of the oil. High-viscosity oil cannot pass through the fine filter, and the accuracy needs to be reduced.

If one-sided emphasis is placed on the cleanliness of the oil and the use of precision filters will increase the operating cost of the oil filter. Because:

(1) The filter element is often clogged, which requires frequent cleaning or even replacement of the filter element.

(2) Increase the shaft pressure so that the oil can pass through the filter faster, but the filter element is often crushed.

(3) Add preheating oil tank to increase temperature and reduce viscosity.

Generally speaking, the filtration accuracy of the fine filtration stage is selected as:

(1) Insulating oil, choose 1~5μm.

(2) For lubricating oil and turbine oil below 46﹟, select 10-20μm.

(3) Select 20-50μm for internal combustion engine oil and gear oil.

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