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How To Identify Oil Contamination ?

How To Identify Oil Contamination ?

(1) Visual inspection: The normal visual acuity limit of people is generally about 40μm. Therefore, when the particle size of the dirt impurities in the oil is greater than 40 μm, the human eye can see it. When the dirt can be directly observed by visual inspection, the working oil is already dirty and must be replaced.

(2) Test tube test: Use the test tube to compare the new oil with the used oil. If the color of the used oil is black and smelly, it must be replaced. If there is no change in color and it is turbid, it means that the oil contains water. After clarification to remove the water, the oil can continue to be used. If the transparent color becomes lighter and there is no foul odor, it may be mixed with different oils, as long as the viscosity is appropriate, you can continue to use it.

(3) Filter paper detection: Take a drop of heated oil and put it in the test filter paper, and let it drop down. If there are solid impurities, thin black spots will remain on the filter paper, which means that the oil contains more impurities , Should not continue to use.

(4) Heating test: To find out whether the oil contains moisture, you can heat an iron plate to about 250 ℃, drop a drop of use oil on the iron plate, if there is a cracking sound, it contains moisture. Oil without water burns silently.

(5) Function test: Normally we have many methods to test the basic functions of lubricating oils. For example, the transformer oil, we can do the oil breakdown voltage test, if the breakdown voltage is lower than the minimum requirements, which means we need to purify transformer oil. We can also do the water content test, if higher than standards, we should do vacuum dehydration process. As well as particles test of lubricating oils, etc.

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