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Why Use Lubricating Oil Purifier

Why Use Lubricating Oil Purifier

How Lubricating Oil Is Contaminated ?

  1. Due to system leakage, inadequate sealing, long-term thermal load of the oil, open oil storage, etc., moisture and gas in the air penetrate into the oil, resulting in water and gas in the oil.
  2. Due to the leakage of the system, particulate dust in the air enters or the system wears out dust and falls off, and the oil will work under high temperature and water for a long time.

The Hazards of Water, Gas and Impurities in Oil:

  1. The oil is quickly oxidized and deteriorated to generate acidic substances, which corrode the metal contact surface;
  2. The precipitation of additives in the oil fails, the thickness of the oil lubrication film is reduced, and the wear on the mechanical contact surface is increased;
  3. Lubricating, cooling, and flow properties of the oil are reduced, and metal surface fatigue is accelerated;
  4. Ice crystals formed at low temperatures block the components;
  5. The oil system responds slowly and is accompanied by irregular movements, which reduces the conductivity;
  6. Cavitation and damage to oil pump and power equipment.

How we choose suitable Lubricating Oil Purifier ?

The performance index of lubricating oil largely depends on the water content, gas content, impurities in the oil and the pollution degree of the oil. In order to enhance the lubricating performance of the oil, the oil must be dewatered, degassed, cleaned, etc. under rated vacuum and temperature. Then it is necessary to use a special oil filter to filter the lubricating oil, so as to ensure the performance of the lubricating oil.

We PureTech develops several series of Lubricating Oil Purifiers for different applications and functions, such as Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier which is aimed to purify various lubrication oils with general purposes, Hydraulic Oil Purifier is especially designed to regenerate waste hydraulic oil, Gear Oil Purifier is especially suitable for lube oils which contains much particulate matters, and Centrifugal Oil Separator driven by centrifugal force to separate liquids or impurities from oil, Portable Oil Filter Machine for convenient filtration of lubricating oils, etc.

You are welcome to get in touch with PureTech to get your professional oil purification solutions !