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PureTech has specialized in oil purification field for 20 years, includes Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, Turbine Oil Purifier, Lubricating Oil Purifier, Vacuum Oil Purifier, Portable Oil Filter Carts, Vacuum Pumping System, Dry Air Generator, SF6 Gas Recovery System, etc....

transformer oil filtration machine

Transformer Oil Purifier

Vacuum processing of transformer oils, dehydration, degassing, filtration and regeneration.

turbine oil purification machine

Turbine Oil Purifier

Filtration and Purification of turbine oil with thermal vacuum and coalescing processing.

lubricating oil filtration systems

Lubricating Oil Purifier

Purify various industrial lubricating oils, hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor oil, etc.

vacuum pumping system for transformer evacuation

Vacuum Pump System

Vacuum pumping unit for transformer evacuation, vacuum drying and vacuum filling.

dry air generator for transformer maintenance

Dry Air Generator

Air drying equipment supply dry and purified air for transformer maintenance engineers.

sf6 gas recycling and refilling machine

SF6 Gas Recycling Machine

Evacuation, Recovery, Purification and Refilling of SF6 gas to electrical equipment.

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PURETECH—Your Oil Treatment Helper

Chongqing Puretech Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd. has been committed to the R&D and promotion of oil purification technology and equipment over the years.  As a leading manufacturer with its experienced technical team,we provide our clients with solutions and machines for oil treatment, which are widely used in various industries. 

PureTech focus on customer satisfaction, provides customers with the most suitable and effective solutions,meanwhile  save the cost as far as possible. In the past years, we have been highly praised by our clients for the high quality products as well as services.