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Dielectric Strength of Transformer Insulating Oil

Dielectric Strength of Transformer Insulating Oil

What is the dielectric strength of transformer oil?

Insulating oil is the main insulating part of oil-filled electrical equipment, such as transformers. The dielectric strength of transformer oil is also called the BDV (breakdown voltage value) of transformer oil. It is one of the main insulation performance indicators to assess the degree to which it can adapt to the dielectric strength of the electric field without causing damage to electrical equipment, it is an important condition for the safe operation of oil-filled electrical equipment. You can refer to What is the dielectric strength of transformer oil.


So why do we need to test the dielectric strength of transformer oil? What benefits can testing the insulation strength of transformer oil bring us?

If impurities falls into the transformer oil or the oil becomes damp due to absorbing moisture in the air, or deteriorates due to the aging of the transformer oil, the insulation strength of the transformer oil will be reduced, which will affect the good insulation of the equipment, or even break down the equipment, causing an accident.

Therefore, transformer engineers or transformer maintenance companies need to regularly inspect and test the transformer oil in operation, including insulation strength inspection (transformer oil bdv tester), water content inspection (transformer oil moisture content tester), etc., which can facilitate the discovery of problems and timely treatment. This is of great significance for preventing accidents and ensuring safety.

In order to ensure safety, both the new transformer oil and the regenerated and filtered transformer oil should be tested for dielectric strength before use. The transformer oil in operation also needs to be tested regularly for the dielectric strength of the oil, and the transformer oil that meets international standards and requirements can be put into use .


PureTech provides users with efficient transformer oil treatment equipment. According to different transformer oil requirements and transformer grades, there are multiple product models and processing capacity ranges for customers to choose. For example, for transformers of 110KV and above, we recommend a Double-stage high-efficiency vacuum transformer oil treatment equipment, which uses a double vacuum pump system. Compared with a single vacuum pump, it has higher processing efficiency and can reach a higher ultimate vacuum, so the effect of Transformer Oil Dehydration and degassing is also better, and the dielectric strength of the transformer oil after treatment will be higher. In addition, for transformer oil that has deteriorated, we also have a transformer oil polishing machine, which is used to regenerate the transformer oil. The adsorbent method does not affect the performance of the transformer oil itself, while removing the acidic substances and sludge of the transformer oil to prevent the transformer oil from further aging, restore the basic performance of transformer oil.


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