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Supervision of Oil-Filled Transformer

Supervision of Oil-Filled Transformer

What supervision measures should be taken for the insulating oil of the oil-filled transformer in operation?

1) In order to prevent the oil-paper insulation of oil-filled equipment such as transformers from being damp and cause insulation accidents, regular supervision and inspection should be carried out. There are many ways to enter the water, such as: due to the improper start and shutdown steps of the forced oil circulation transformer oil pump, the instantaneous oil pressure is lower than the water pressure and the water enters; the oil-paper capacitive bushing is not tightly sealed by the general cap, and the water flows down the lead. Insulation breakdown of the high-voltage coil at the root of the lead wire; poor sealing of the combined components such as submersible pumps, oil-water condensers, high- and low-voltage casing flanges, and failure of oil-sealed respirator without oil or water-absorbing silica gel; water in the lower part of the oil pillow is not timely Discharge; refueling from the bottom of the transformer, etc. may cause the transformer to enter the water.

2) Carry out vacuum oil filtration (PureTech double-stage high vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier) for main transformers of 110KV and above on a regular basis or in combination with maintenance, and reduce the oil with high original air content and micro-water concentration greater than the limit concentration to air-containing oil through vacuum oil filtration. Below 3%, slightly water is qualified. In order to improve the insulation quality of the oil paper and the winding insulation after filtering, in the process of reaching a new dynamic balance.

3) Carry out the analysis of dissolved gas in micro water and oil. These two test techniques are effective measures for timely detection of water ingress or internal latent faults in oil-filled electrical equipment, especially for equipment above 110KV.

4) Carry out an insulation preventive test and a test of insulating oil as planned or before the thunderstorm season. The insulation is analyzed and queued, and specific supervision and operation measures should be formulated for the equipment belonging to the tertiary insulation.

5) Combined with the installation or maintenance of oil-filled electrical equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the cleaning in the mailbox and remove foreign objects; avoid long-term high-temperature overload operation during operation, and insist that the repaired equipment must be overhauled and repaired. It is also an oil-filled electrical appliance in operation. One of the contents of equipment oil quality supervision.

6) It is the duty of oil workers to actively carry out anti-defective measures for transformer oil (PureTech Transformer Oil Regeneration plant), and to ensure that the oil quality is 100% qualified. It is also necessary to strengthen the supervision of the effect of anti-defective measures during operation.

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