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What effect caused from Air Entering Turbine Oil

What effect caused from Air Entering Turbine Oil

What are the two manifestations of the air entering the operating turbine oil? What are their adverse effects on the operation of the equipment? What is the air release value of turbine oil?

There are two forms of bubble and mist air. Larger air bubbles in the oil can quickly rise to the oil surface and form foam. The smaller bubbles rise much more slowly, and the small bubbles in the oil are called mist air.

The presence of air in the oil, in either form, will adversely affect the equipment. If it will cause mechanical noise and vibration, the accumulation of foam can also cause oil overflow and leakage. Foam dripping from generator bearings may enter electrical coils and land on collector rings, causing insulation damage, short circuits, or sparks. The presence of air in the oil may rupture the lubricating oil film and cause wear of the lubricated parts. If the air bubbles are in the hydraulic system, when the oil passes through the operating element (such as the one-way valve or the steering valve), the air in the oil will be released due to the reduction of the oil pressure, and the formation of air bubbles will be carried into the oil tank, which will make the oil pump run unstable, thereby affecting the operation. Accuracy of automatic control and operation.

Under the conditions specified in the regulations, when the volume of mist air in the test oil is reduced to 0.2%, the time required (that is, the time for gas separation) is called the air release value.

Therefore, the gas, moisture and impurities contained in the turbine oil after running for a period of time need to be removed to ensure that the turbine oil continues to perform its lubricating function, thereby ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the turbine-generator set. The thermal vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier produced by PureTech can effectively remove the moisture, gas and impurities in the turbine oil. Regular turbine oil filtration can slow down the deterioration of the turbine oil and greatly prolong the service life of the turbine oil.

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