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Characteristics of High-Quality Lubricating Oil

Characteristics of High-Quality Lubricating Oil

What are the characteristics of high-quality lubricating oil ?

1. Good oxidation stability: slow down the oxidation and deterioration of engine oil under high temperature, low temperature and various harsh working conditions, hinder the generation of acidic substances, and extend the service life of engine oil.

2. Low volatility: Low volatility must be maintained during high-temperature operation to reduce lubricating oil consumption, thereby reducing the frequency of adding lubricating oil.

3. Good viscosity-temperature characteristics: The viscosity index is a measure of the change of lubricating oil with temperature. The larger the value, the smaller the viscosity change with temperature. That is to say, the lubricating oil does not significantly thicken at low temperatures, which affects the starting of the vehicle; at high temperatures, the lubricating oil does not become significantly thinner, which affects the adhesion and high shear resistance of the oil film.


4. Excellent detergency and dispersion: prevent the formation of carbon deposits and accumulation at the piston ring, avoid the formation of sludge, and fully suspend the cleaned dirt in the oil, filter it out through the filter to ensure the cleanliness of the lubrication system .

5. Good abrasion resistance: Provide high-efficiency protective film for mechanical parts to avoid abrasion of mechanical parts under harsh working conditions.

6. Anti-foaming: Avoid foaming in the lubricating oil to break the oil film, thereby reducing the protective function of the lubricating oil.

During the use of lubricating oil, it is inevitable that moisture and impurities will be mixed into it, which will cause emulsification, oxidation and wear of mechanical parts. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and filter the oil regularly to ensure that the oil has a high degree of cleanliness.

For different oil products, PureTech provides you with different targeted solutions. Through different treatment methods, such as physical filtration, chemical adsorption and other treatment methods, the cleanliness of the oil is restored and the safe and stable operation of the equipment is guaranteed.

If you are facing the situation of oxidation, acidification, serious pollution or deterioration of lubricating oil, please contact us, our engineers will provide you with a special filtering scheme and recommend the suitable Lubricating Oil Purifier.

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