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Acid Number of Transformer Oil

Acid Number of Transformer Oil

test of transformer oil's acidity

What is the difference between the Acid Number, Water-soluble Acid, and Saponification Number of transformer oil? Why measure them?


Water-soluble acid, acid number (AN) and saponification number are all indicators that reflect the amount of acidic substances contained in the transformer oil, but they have differences: water-soluble acid refers to an inorganic acid that is soluble in water; acid number refers to an acid that is soluble in ethanol, it is the numerical measure of the transformer oil's acidity. In addition to water-soluble acids, it also includes high-molecular organic acids; and saponification number refers to acids and acidic substances dissolved in aqueous alkali solutions. It includes not only acids measured by acid number, but also lipids that cannot be reflected by acid number. Therefore, generally speaking, for the same oil sample: saponification number acid number water-soluble acid. The difference between the saponification value and the acid value is a factor in the production of sludge.


The above-mentioned acidic substances also have the following effects:

1) It will corrode the equipment. Corrosion to wires, solid insulation and metals, and some of their corrosion products are also catalysts for oil oxidation, which will accelerate the aging of transformer oil.

2) Reduce equipment insulation. Increase tanδ and decrease insulation resistance.

3) Affect the life of equipment. Decrease the degree of fiber polymerization and embrittlement of cardboard.

4) It can indicate the quality of the new transformer oil and the aging condition of the transformer oil in operation.

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