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Applications of Lubricating Oil Purifier

Applications of Lubricating Oil Purifier

Oil Purifier has a wide range of applications and is used in many industrial fields. The oil filtration machine belongs to the filter equipment under the machinery and industrial equipment. Combining the actual application field, we can give a simple definition of the Oil Purifier: the oil purifier is the use of pressure filtration or vacuum evaporation, centrifugation, electrostatic separation and other methods that removes solid impurities, moisture, and gas in lubricating oils, thereby ensuring oil cleanliness and improving the performance of used lubricating oil.

From here, we can see that the oil purifier industry is a composite derivative industry that spans many industrial categories. It is comprehensive, cross-cutting and multi-field. With "petrochemical" as the link, its business runs through "electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, mining, aviation, shipping, railways, medicine, steel, food oil, etc. It plays an extremely important role in achieving environmental protection, energy saving, consumption reduction, and safe production.

PureTech oil filtration machines have the advantages of high filtration accuracy, safe and stable operation, significant energy saving and consumption reduction, advanced and easy-to-use protection measures, fast and convenient inspection and maintenance. It is widely used in power generation and power transmission, energy conservation and environmental protection, and industrial manufacturing.

1. Construction machinery industry

The construction machinery industry uses a large amount of hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil in processing and test runs, and oil filtration equipment runs through the entire production process. The coolant during processing needs to be filtered by a filtration equipment (oil purifier). After the equipment is assembled, a washing machine is required to purify the hydraulic system. The oil filling process also requires a portable oil filter cart when leaving the factory.

2. Power Industry

The electric power industry consumes a large amount of insulating oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, etc. in the process of power generation and transmission, the requirements are very high. Once the transformer oil or turbine oil contains water and particles, it will cause serious consequences such as equipment wear, high pressure breakdown and equipment shutdown, electric shock, explosion, etc. Therefore, the oil must be replaced regularly, but the price of oil is expensive, meanwhile the storage and disposal of used oil are difficult. In such cases, the choice of reusing oil after repeated filtration with an vacuum oil filtration machine has become the first choice in the power industry.

3. Metallurgical industry

The oil used in the metallurgical industry is divided into two categories: oil used for product and oil used for equipment. Oil used for product, such as steel plate injection, uses a large amount of oil and high refueling frequency. Therefore, a portable oil filter cart becomes an indispensable equipment. The oil used for equipment in the metallurgical industry mainly distributes in the hydraulic control and lubrication system. Once the hydraulic lubricating oil is contaminated, it will endanger the safety of the entire equipment and even cause the entire production line to stop production. Therefore, a high-precision Vacuum Oil Purifier is used to improve equipment operating reliability and reduce production and operating costs.

4. Offshore and onshore oil field industry

The oil field production plant has a large number of oil production wells, and each oil well is equipped with an oil production machine. Because the working environment of the oil extraction machine is very harsh, it is very important to reduce the failure rate of the equipment. As China's marine strategy has increased to a national level and the development of oil and gas resources has accelerated, large central enterprises such as CNOOC have a huge demand for high-end, high-tech, efficient, safe and used oil purifiers. CNOOC's practice shows that the hydraulic lubrication system failures of the drilling platform have been significantly reduced because of the  high-efficiency oil filtration machines .

5. Petrochemical industry

Boiler heat transfer oil and hydraulic oil used in the petrochemical industry will have problems such as emulsification, carbon deposition, oxidation, and excessive particle size during use. If it is not handled in time, high-temperature oil injection, low conductivity, and serious wear will occur. If the problem is serious, it will cause an explosion. Therefore, in order to eliminate potential safety hazards and improve equipment efficiency and lifespan, high-precision oil purifiers can show their talents.

6. Machining industry

The hydraulic oil and gear oil used in the large and medium-sized processing equipment used in the machinery industry are frequently used, and the pollution and oxidation rate are fast. If they are not treated in time, they will cause irreparable damage to the equipment. In addition, the equipment uses a large amount of oil, the oil is frequently replaced, and the used oil pollutes the environment seriously. Therefore, the oil filtration machines can also purify and regenerate the oil in this field, which can greatly extend the service life of the oil and eliminate the troubles of old oil disposal. The most important thing is that the company itself not only reduces the production cost, but also save energy for the country and society.

7. Cement industry

The main production equipment of the cement industry are: crushers, vertical mills, calcining kilns, castor coolers, roller presses, ball mills, fans, etc. Even in the case of overcapacity, the cement industry needs to save costs. The main oils for production equipment in the cement industry are: 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, 46#, 68# turbine oil, 220#, 320#, 460# gear oil. Therefore, a multi-functional Lubricating Oil Purifier can ensure that the life of cement production equipment is greatly extended, and the oil purchase cost is greatly reduced, so the Lubricating Oil Purifier / Gear Oil Purifier is also very popular in the cement industry.

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