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Outdoor type Transformer Oil Filtration Systems

Outdoor type Transformer Oil Filtration Systems

PureTech just delivered another set of outdoor type transformer oil filtration system.

transformer oil filtration procedure pdf

As we all know, power transformers play a very important role in the electrical field, but do you know that transformer oil tends to degrade over time ? During the deterioration of transformer oil, it might not perform well the functions of cooling and insulation, and even cause some emergency or damages to the power transformers. The oil is exposed to undesirable materials like acids, metal dust, moisture etc. When transformers contain dissolved gases, dust, and other contaminants, it is time to take action for the transformer oil to be filtrated and dehydrated.

The main contaminations to transformer oils includes the following:

1. water (free water, dissolved water)

The water mixed into transformer oil maybe come from several different ways, such as from transportation, moisture in the air, humidity of the working environment, etc.

2. dirt and impurities

The dirt and impurities are also an inevitable contamination to the deterioration of transformer oil, it will directly affect the breakdown voltage of transformer oil.

3. gas

4. decaying products such as acid, carbon, etc.

All the contamination must be removed or reduced to a low extent by transformer oil filtration process, thereby transformer oil can perform a better role in cooling and insulating, avoid any possible damage and loss because of unqualified transformer oil. Transformer oil filtration process is recognized as vacuum dehydration, degassing and filtration process, with a Vacuum Oil Purifier, the water, gas and impurities can be completely removed. For some badly deteriorated transformer oil, you might need a Transformer Oil Regeneration plant to improve the oil characteristics and improve the transformer oil colour.

A reliable manufacturer of transformer oil filtration systems will help you to keep your transformer oil clean, purify the oil and make it reusable without affecting the power equipment, if you are interested in knowing more about the transformer oil filtration procedure, please don't hesitate to contact us.