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How Oil Purifier Remove Impurities

How Oil Purifier Remove Impurities

When purchasing Oil Purifiers, I think there is one question that both the purchasing department and technical department want to know, this question is how the Oil Purifier realizes its own functions and what is the working principle. Today we will tell you how the oil purifiers on the current market can filter out impurities.

At present, both the vacuum Oil Purification Machine and other portable oil filter unit have the function of filtering impurities, how do they filter the impurities? Now we tell everyone.

Most common oil filter machines such as vacuum Oil Purification Machine and portable oil filter carts (oil filter trolley): generally use strong magnet and oil filter elements to filter impurities. Strong magnet may be realized by electromagnetic or iron magnet, mainly adsorption ; The oil filter element is very simple, like a sieve, realized by the blocking function of the filter element.

Plate and frame pressure oil filter is also called as oil filter press, the plate and frame pressure oil filter mainly filters impurities through the filter paper. Same as the filter cartridge element, the filter paper also acts as a barrier.

Electrostatic oil filter machine: The electrostatic oil filter machine is very simple. Through the difference in the Z potential of the particles, it uses the principle of opposite nature to attract impurities by electrostatic force.

Oil Centrifuge Separator: The principle of the centrifugal oil filter machine is even simpler. Everyone knows the drying function (dewatering) of washing machine. The centrifugal oil filter also uses the same principle to remove impurities from the oil through the centrifugal force generated by the centrifuge." Throw it out", but the accuracy is not high. So when you are processing some expensive oil or which requires high filtration accuracy, such as transformer oil filtration, Vacuum Oil Purifier is recommended.