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Single Stage Vacuum Oil Purifier for Low Voltage Transformers

Single Stage Vacuum Oil Purifier for Low Voltage Transformers

PureTech Single-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier 1000 LPH in Thailand

PureTech Single-stage vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier (Model VOP) is especially designed for low voltage transformer oils. Compare to Double-stage Vacuum Oil Purifier, this model has only one rotary vane vacuum pump. After purification, the breakdown voltage of transformer oil can be improved to more than 60KV, and the water content can be reduced to less than 7 PPM or even less than 5 PPM.

For some low voltage transformers, they don't require higher standards like 75 KV breakdown voltage, particularly the oil volume is much smaller, the total amount of insulating oil to be purified is much smaller than high voltage transformers, in such occasion, the single-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier will play a better role in processing transformer oils. Besides, it has a smaller structure and more convenient to move around. The flow rates can be from 600 LPH to 6000LPH depends on the user's demands.

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