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Transformer Maintenance Oil Purification Project in Europe

Transformer Maintenance Oil Purification Project in Europe

Transformer Oil On-line Filtering by PureTech Transformer Oil Purifier

PureTech Transformer Oil Filtering machine:

1. Suitable for power transformer transmission and transformation equipment and national main transformer power grid.

2. High vacuum degree, ultimate vacuum≤5Pa, working vacuum≤35Pa, large pumping speed, pumping rate≥330L/S.

3. The combination of three-dimensional flash vaporization and planar flash vaporization makes dehydration and degassing more thorough.

4. Adopt the combined control mode of solenoid valve.

5. Vacuum oil injection and vacuum drying transformer.

6. This machine can implement charged oil filtering for more than 300 hours.

7. The introduction of foreign low-temperature oil technology can effectively remove the micro-water in the oil and improve the pressure resistance value.

Online oil filtering is a brand-new oil filtering method that can filter transformer oils without powering down the transformer. This method has been promoted and used already, which solves the contradiction between insulating oil treatment and equipment power outages.

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