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Maintenance of Gear Oil in Cement

Maintenance of Gear Oil in Cement

gear oil filteration and gearbox oil filtration in cement industry

Industrial gear oils are used to lubricate positive, oblique, herringbone, bevel gears and worm gears. Its purpose is to ensure the longest service life of machine parts, reduce operating costs, and provide reliable protection against rust and discoloration of machine parts.

Cement production equipment has the characteristics of heavy load, low speed, poor conditions and continuous production. Reducers are the focus of equipment in this industry and the largest number of equipment in cement plants. Gear oil is widely used in cement equipment. In addition to the selection of oil, daily maintenance should not be underestimated. What should we pay attention to when using gear oil for reducer in cement plants?

1. Prevent water (vapor) leakage

For the reducer system with thin oil centralized lubrication, because the lubricating oil or oil tank temperature has relatively strict requirements, it is usually cooled by a cooler (steam cooling) or a cooling coil (water cooling). Although gear oils are required to have better anti-emulsification properties, after a considerable amount of water penetrates into the oil, it is very easy to emulsify the oil. After the gear oil with extreme pressure anti-wear agent is emulsified, the additives are hydrolyzed or separated by precipitation to lose their original performance and produce harmful substances, which make the gear oil rapidly deteriorate and lose its performance. Therefore, the emulsified oil must not be used continuously. For the water (or steam) cooling lubrication system, attention must be paid to prevent water (steam) leakage to avoid unnecessary damage to the reducer. It is recommended to use the thermal-vacuum Oil Purification Machine produced by PureTech, which can effectively solve the problem of oil emulsification, effectively remove the water in the gear oil, and restore the emulsified gear oil and hydraulic oil to clear.

2. Clean the gearbox filter regularly   

For a reducer system that uses a pump for circulating lubrication, pay attention to the pressure difference of the pump and clean the filter in time. If the pressure difference of the pump is large in a short time, or the frequency of cleaning the filter screen increases significantly, and the oil sludge and metal wear debris on the filter screen increase significantly, it means that the use of the lubricant is not very good. In addition to material and design issues, it may also be that the gear oil is not selected reasonably: one is the viscosity is not suitable enough, and the other is that the load-bearing performance of the gear oil is not enough. You can use heavy load instead of medium load, that is, use a higher grade gear oil, and the effect will be significantly improved.

3. Regular filtration and purification treatment 

Increasing the frequency of gear oil filtration and purification can better reduce the wear of the friction pair and extend the service life of the equipment, while providing a necessary condition for ensuring its normal operation. And from the perspective of economic benefits, the cost of filtering and purifying gear oil is much lower than replacement with new oil. The filtered gear oil can fully meet the standards of reuse, and there is no difference in performance from the new oil, so that the oil service life can be maximized. And using PureTech's vacuum gear Oil Purifier, the oil filtration process time is short, and process is efficient and effective. We provide equipment with different processing capacity from 600 liters/hour to 18,000 liters/hour to meet the needs of different customers, and at the same time, taking into account that the cement production environment is more dusty, where gear oil is easily to be contaminated, PureTech also considers the cost of the customer’s consumables in the design. Before the high-precision glass fiber filter element, it uses a stainless steel pre filter element and filter paper to do first filtration, to remove the majority of particulate matters and dust, thereby reducing the cost of filter replacement. The main consumables use the filter paper - low price but high dirt holding capacity, while ensuring filtration accuracy.

In addition, according to the difference in viscosity of different gear oils, PureTech’s gear oil filtration machine is also equipped with an electric heater and a constant temperature controller. When the gear oil has a high viscosity, the heater can be turned on and then filtered, which can increase the oil fluidity and better intercept impurities.

At the same time, the oil and water are separated by the means of the vacuum pump, the water evaporates into gas and is discharged through the vacuum pump. The dehydrated oil is filtered and returned to the gear oil tank, so as to achieve the purpose of gear oil filtration and purification.

The gear oil filtration machine developed and produced by PureTech can also be used in the filtration and purification of hydraulic oil, compressor oil, steam turbine oil, and coolant oil. For details, please consult the PureTech sales team or visit our products scope.

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