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How to remove the acid in transformer oil

How to remove the acid in transformer oil

What is acidity and acid number? What acids are usually contained in transformer oil?

The acidity and acid value of the oil are both indicators that indicate how much acid is contained in the oil. Acidity refers to the milligrams of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize the acidic substances in 100ml of oil, and the acid value refers to the milligrams of potassium hydroxide needed to neutralize the acidic substances in 1g of oil.

Generally, the insulating oil does not contain inorganic acids, but mainly organic acids (that is, compounds containing carboxyl group -COOH). They are mainly naphthenic acid and carboxyl derivatives of naphthenic acid (mainly five-carbon ring). The general formula For: C2H2n-1—COOH. In addition, there are acid products generated by oxidation during storage and use. Some oils also have acidic substances such as polymer acids, phenols, fatty acids, and some sulfides, asphaltenes, etc.

What is the significance of determining the acid number of transformer oil?

1. According to the acid value, the acidic components in the oil can be identified, so it is one of the main indicators for judging the quality of the oil.

2. According to the acid value, the corrosion of oil to metal can be roughly judged. The oil contains organic acids, which will not corrode metals when there is no moisture and the temperature is low. Otherwise, on the contrary, the smaller the molecular weight of the organic acid, the greater its corrosive ability. Although the oily naphthenic acid is a weak acid, it has a corrosive effect on some metals in the presence of water, especially for lead and zinc. The corrosion result is the formation of soaps. These soaps will accelerate the oxidation of the oil, and at the same time the soaps will gradually accumulate in the oil and become sediments, threatening the safe operation of the equipment.

3. The acidic components in the oil and its corrosion products—organic salts—have a negative impact on the electrical performance of the transformer oil.

4. After the oil has been used for a period of time, it deteriorates due to oxidation and its acid value increases. Therefore, the acid value is also one of the important indicators that indicate the deterioration of transformer oil.

In summary, it can be clearly realized that the acid value in the insulating oil has a great influence on the life of the insulating oil and even the good operation and service life of the transformer equipment. For the removal of acidic substances contained in transformer oil, we usually choose Transformer Oil Regeneration equipment, and put adsorption materials in the regeneration tank, such as activated soil, silica gel, etc., and the transformer oil passes through the regeneration tank. It reacts and is adsorbed. This method removes the acid in the transformer oil and does not affect the performance of the transformer oil.

The transformer oil processing equipment developed by PureTech includes: vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine (vacuum dehydration, filtration, excluding oil regeneration), vacuum transformer oil regeneration plant (vacuum dehydration, filtration & regeneration), and standalone oil regeneration device (filtration and regeneration, does not contain vacuum dehydration), portable oil filter cart (filters impurities, does not contain vacuum dehydration and regeneration). These devices can meet the different needs of users and play an important role in the safe operation of substations.

If you have any need for transformer oil treatment, please contact our sales team, we will provide you with the most suitable oil treatment plan.

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