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Moisture Proof Measures For Transformers

Moisture Proof Measures For Transformers

What are the moisture-proof measures for transformers?

Almost all main transformers, distribution transformers, transformers of 110kV and above have a desiccant filled respirator, which is specially moisture-proof. The metal expander on the transformer of 110kV and above is also a measure to isolate the transformer oil from the atmosphere to prevent moisture and deterioration. Diaphragm protection and ammonia filling protection can not only slow down the oxidation rate, but also play a moisture-proof role.

In recent years, electric dryers (also known as semiconductor refrigeration dryers) installed on large and medium-sized transformer oil pillows not only have a moisture-proof effect, but also dry the moisture in the oil and insulating materials, which is an ideal moisture-proof measure. It uses the thermosiphon of the air on the upper part of the oil pillow as the power to carry out natural circulation to complete the respiration. That is, the exhaled hot and humid air is cooled by semiconductors, removes moisture, becomes dry and cold air, and is then sucked in by the oil pillow. The air on the upper part of the pillow is always dry, it is in contact with the oil, the distribution of water in the oil and gas should reach a dynamic gas-liquid balance, and the water in the oil will slowly escape to the air, so that the water in the oil is qualified, and the oil and solid Insulation contact, the distribution of water between liquid and solid also has a dynamic balance. If the solid insulation is wet, the water will also escape into the oil. If it is put into the electric dryer for a long time, normally the gas, oil and solid insulation materials in the transformer will be long-term. Keep the moisture content up to standard and ensure good insulation.

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