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Gas Content of Transformer Oil Exceeds Standard

Gas Content of Transformer Oil Exceeds Standard

The reason why the gas of insulating oil in transformers exceeds the standard is very complicated, and the gas content is closely related to many factors such as oil type, solid insulating material, oil protection method, transformer structure, temperature, pressure, and operating years.

Transformer oil contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, acetylene, ethylene, hydrogen and other gases. The transformer oil in use needs to be tested for acetylene content, which can be obtained by chromatographic analysis. If it is to detect the total gas content in transformer oil, an insulating oil gas content measuring instrument is needed.

Whether the oil contains flammable and explosive acetylene or the total gas content exceeds the standard, it will seriously affect the insulation performance of the oil, so when the test fails, you must use a vacuum degassing filter machine to remove gas from the transformer oil or effectively reduce processing.

When we find that acetylene exceeds the standard, we must use PureTech vacuum oil filtering machine to perform vacuum degassing and purification treatment, it is also an essential oil treatment equipment for many power plants and power maintenance companies! It is worth reminding that the acetylene in many new transformer oils is left over by the imperfect performance of ordinary vacuum oil filter machines, but the excellent performance of the PureTech Vacuum Oil Purifiers can ensure that the acetylene is zero. It adopts a two-stage high-efficiency vacuum system to quickly increase the overall vacuum and pumping rate, and efficiently and quickly remove moisture, gas, and foreign particles in transformer oil at lower temperatures, which can effectively shorten the transformer installation and maintenance period.