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Types of oil purifiers

Types of oil purifiers

Since transformer oil is used as a cooling and radiating medium for the transformer core, it must be regularly cleaned to remove harmful gases, moisture, impurities, etc. generated by the transformer in the oil during long-term operation. According to the requirements of the safe operation of the transformer, this oil filter cannot be mixed with other lubricants, and must be specially used for the treatment of the transformer.

2. Mechanical oil filter machine

Industrial equipment that uses high-viscosity heavy and medium-sized gear oils, such as ball mills and vertical mills used in cement production, is generally 220#, 360#, 480# or 680# due to the high viscosity of the oil products, and the equipment The working environment is harsh, and it is easy to cause deterioration and pollution of oil products. They need to be regularly filtered and purified.

3. Hydraulic oil filter machine
In cement companies, all equipment that uses hydraulic transmission, such as vertical mills and roller presses, need to use various types of hydraulic oil, generally 32#, 46#, 68#, 100# or 120# hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil will deteriorate after long-term use. Therefore, they need to be filtered and purified, and an oil filter specifically for hydraulic oil should be selected.