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Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier

  • Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine
  • Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine
  • Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine
  • Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine
Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine

Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine

  • Category: Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier
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  • Product Origin: CHINA
  • Model: LOP
  • Flow Rate: 600 ~ 18000 liters/hour
  • Lead time: 15 ~ 20 Days
  • Product description:Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine is a multi-functional oil filtration and flushing machine for various of lube oils,it can quickly remove the impurity,moisture,gas to improve the quality of oil and

Application of Lube Oil Filtration Machine

PureTech Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine is an Vacuum Oil Purifier based on thermo-vacuum technology and multi-stage filtering technology, suitable for a variety of industrial lube oils, such as gear oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, cutting oil, cooling oil, quench oil, refrigerating oil and other lubricating oils.

Model LOP vacuum lube oil filtration machine is used to improve the quality and characteristics of lube oils by effectively removing water, gas, mechanical impurities, solid particles and other contaminants. Through periodic oil filtration, the core parts of equipment which has lubrication system can be prevented from wear, failure and shutdown of equipment can be avoided, thereby ensure the stability and normal operation of equipment, extend the service life of equipment, as well as avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Performances of Lube Oil Filtration Machine

• Removal of Water and Gas. With thermo-vacuum dehydration, this oil filtration machine can quickly and effectively remove free and dissolved water from lube oils.

• Removal of Solid particles. This machine adopts multi-stage filter cartridges and pressure oil filter, to achieve a high cleanliness of final lube oil.

• Minimize oil oxidation, improve lube oil properties, acid build-up, slow down oil aging.

• Electrical heater with Low watt density and thermostat to prevent local overheating.

Large capacity of handling impurity, corrosion-proof, high temperature resistant, good mechanical strength, high precision of impurity removal and long lifetime.

Explosion-proof type can be customized according to the requirements of working conditions.

vacuum lube <a href= target='_blank'>Oil Purifier</a>, lube oil filtration machine for hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor oil,cutting oil, quench oil

Technical Parameters of Lube Oil Filtration Machine

Machine Parameter

Item Unit GOP-10 GOP-20 GOP-30 GOP-50 GOP-100 GOP-150 GOP-200
Flow rate liters/hour 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000
Vacuum degree Mpa (-0.070) ~ (-0.099)
Working pressure Mpa ≤ 0.5
Temperature range 40 ~ 80
Power supply 380Volts, 50Hz, 3Phase (Or customized)
Heating power kw 9 15 24 30 60 90 96
Total power kw 10.5 17 26 33 66 98 106
Inlet/outlet diameter mm 19 25 32 32 48 50 58
Size Length mm 1100 1230 1250 1500 1650 1750 1900
Width mm 800 810 850 950 1000 1200 1250
Height mm 1250 1260 1300 1400 1600 1750 1950
Weight kg 300 350 400 500 650 850 1000
Oil index after purification Cleanliness NAS 6
Water content ppm ≤100
Filtering accuracy micron 1
Demulsification number min ≤ 15


(1) Fully closed-type for protecting oil purifier machine (weather proof, vacuum proof, Waterproof, dustproof etc.)

(2) Different configurations for selecting. Vacuum pump, oil pump and electric parts from different famous brands to meet different demands and budgets.

(3) PLC controller with touch screen for operation fully-automatically and explosion proof materials as optional.

(4) On-line Moisture detector, flow meter, particle counter, viscosity tester, acidity tester tec.

* Please inquire us for other flow rates or types.

* The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations.The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Our After-Sales Service for You

12 months of quality guarantee for non-human damage.

• Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.

Free training on operation, maintenance and troubleshooting at PureTech factory.

Puretech engineers go to customer site for commissioning and training (payable service).

• Design accept user's customization.