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Insulating Oil and Transformer Oil Filteration Machine

Insulating Oil and Transformer Oil Filteration Machine

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After the transformer has been in operation for a period of time, if the electrical indicators of the transformer oil are unqualified due to short circuit or other reasons, it is necessary to filter the oil to improve its purity. The main unqualified reasons are excessive water content and other impurities.

Because the transformer has been filled with oil, and it is usually impossible to pump out all the oil for filtering after all outages, it can only be filtered online.

The transformer oil filteration needs an external oil filteration machine and an oil drain barrel. Put the new oil (the oil that has passed the test and is qualified for insulation and voltage resistance) into a clean oil drain barrel, and connect the external oil filteration unit to the oil drain barrel and the transformer pipeline. As a whole, carry out external circulation online oil filtration).

Transformer oil high-efficiency filtration refers to the use of specific filtering equipment (usually a vacuum transformer oil filteration machine) to completely filter out impurities and moisture in transformer oil to achieve the effect of cleaning new oil. The importance of high-efficiency filtration of transformer oil lies in:

1. To ensure the insulation performance of the oil. Transformer oil is used as an insulating medium, and its insulation performance is its most important performance. The accumulation of impurities in the oil will cause the insulation performance of electrical equipment to decline. When the dielectric strength of the oil does not meet the requirements, breakdown will occur and cause equipment failure.

2. Eliminate moisture in transformer oil. Once the moisture in the transformer oil exceeds the specified standard, it will reduce the insulation performance and dielectric strength of the oil. At the same time, moisture may also cause the oxidation of transformer oil, thereby reducing the oxidation resistance of the oil.

3. Extend the life of the equipment. Through the high-efficiency filtration of transformer oil, the impurities and moisture in the transformer oil can be completely filtered out, which can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment.

The filteration machines used for high-efficiency filtration of transformer oil mainly includes the following types:

1. High vacuum oil filteration machine. The high vacuum transformer oil filter unit is a device that uses high vacuum and powerful filters to filter impurities and moisture in transformer oil. The high vacuum can discharge the moisture and air in the oil, and the powerful filter can filter out the solid particles and colloidal substances in the oil. The high vacuum oil filteration device has the advantages of large processing capacity, high efficiency and good processing effect.

2. Centrifugal oil separator. A centrifugal oil separator is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate impurities and water from oil. It can separate the solid particles and water in the oil to achieve the effect of filtration. The centrifugal oil separator has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, less space occupation, and strong automatic production capacity.

3. Multi-stage oil filter unit. A multi-stage oil filter is a device that filters transformer oil in multiple stages, and each stage of filtration can remove a certain amount of impurities and water. The multi-stage oil filter unit can guarantee the oil cleanliness and insulation performance to a certain extent, but the treatment efficiency is low.

In short, high-efficiency filtration of transformer oil plays an important role in maintaining long-term safe operation of equipment and prolonging equipment life. When performing high-efficiency filtration of transformer oil, it is necessary to select suitable filtration equipment, and perform regular maintenance and replacement of filter elements to ensure the effective operation of the equipment.

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