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Operating Methods of Oil Centrifuge Machine

Operating Methods of Oil Centrifuge Machine

According to the characteristics of impurities in the oil, what are the two operating methods of the centrifuge? What are the similarities and differences between the three purification methods of precipitation, filtration and oil centrifuge?


Centrifugal oil filter has two operation methods: clarification method and cleaning method.


The clarification method is suitable for the separation of oil with low water content and solid impurities, sludge, carbon particles, etc. The impurities in this method do not need to be continuously discharged from the drum. The separated water impurities are gradually accumulated in the centrifuge dirt collection container, which can be removed regularly.


The cleaning method is suitable for separating dirty oil with a large amount of water. The dirty oil is separated into two kinds of liquids with different specific gravity in the separator and leaves the centrifuge continuously.


Insulating oil is generally clarified. Turbine oils containing impurities and moisture between 0.1% and 0.3% are also clarified. Insulating oil and turbine oil with a lot of water are suitable for cleaning. The two methods differ only slightly in assembly. When the clarification method is assembled, the bottom clarification plate is a non-porous clarification plate, and then the middle porous plate is installed in order, and finally the uppermost clarification partition plate is installed. When the cleaning method is installed, the bottom clarification plate is changed to a porous clarification plate, and then the porous intermediate plate is still installed in order, and the uppermost clarification separation plate does not need to be installed, and can be directly installed with the neck. At this time, the separation of oil and water is carried out by adjusting the size of the hydrocarbons in the ring on the rotating drum. When the clarification method is operated, the productivity of the drum is 20% to 30% higher than that of the cleaning method.


The common point of the three purification methods of sedimentation, oil filtration and centrifugal separation is that the oil is separated from the dirt by some simple means to purify the oil. The difference is: the sedimentation method is separated by gravity alone, which is low in cost and takes a long time, and more pretreatment is required; the centrifugal separation method is separated by the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge; and the pressure filtration method is under a certain pressure. The oil passes through the medium (such as filter paper), and is separated by the adsorption and filtration of the filter paper. Therefore, when choosing a purification method, it is necessary to choose according to the oil pollution situation, the characteristics of various purification methods and the existing equipment, so that the purification of waste oil can achieve economical and better results.

Therefore, for different oil condition, the purification methods are also different, it should be considered while choosing oil centrifuge machine. More info about oil filtration machine or oil centrifuge machine please feel free to contact us.

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