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Demulsification Grade of Turbine Oil

Demulsification Grade of Turbine Oil

What is the demulsification grade of turbine oil? Why we need to measure it?


Under the specified test conditions, the same volume of test oil and distilled water are stirred to form an emulsion, and the time required to achieve separation (that is, when the volume of the emulsion layer at the oil and water interface is equal to or less than 3ml) is determined as the  emulsification grade.


The grade of demulsification reflects the ability of turbine oil and water to form an emulsion and then divide into two phases.


Therefore, the shorter the demulsification time, the better the demulsibility of the oil; otherwise, the worse.


As we all know, in the process of turbine oil running, it is inevitable to contact with water and water vapor, which may form an emulsion and destroy the normal lubrication of the oil. Therefore, the turbine oil is required to have good demulsibility.


The degree of demulsification of the new turbine oil will be longer due to the insufficient degree of refining during production and the oxidative deterioration of the turbine oil during operation. The demulsification time is controlled. It is all because the demulsification time is too long, which will destroy the lubricating oil film, and there will be bubbles and water in contact with the lubricating parts, which will not only increase the wear of the lubricating parts, but also corrode the equipment, produce rust, and accelerate the deterioration of the oil quality. The failure of the speed control system will affect the safe power generation. It can be seen that the degree of demulsification is one of the important indicators of the performance of steam turbine oil, which must be determined.

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