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Performance of Steam Turbine Oil

Performance of Steam Turbine Oil

What are the main performances of steam turbine oil?

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of the steam turbine-generator set, the function of the steam turbine oil is very important. So it must have the performance that can meet the following aspects:
(1) The viscosity of the oil can be maintained within the specified operating temperature range and the oil quality is qualified.
(2) It can ensure that all lubricated parts form a thin oil film, minimize friction, resist wear, and extend the safe operating life of the equipment.
(3) Through the oil circulation, the heat generated by the journals, bearings and other heat sources can be transferred to the oil cooler for cooling through the oil.

(4) Because the lubricating oil runs under non-sealed conditions, it must be able to resist oxidation and deterioration in the presence of air, water, hydrogen and high temperature environments.

(5) It can inhibit the generation of bubbles and entrained air.

(6) The water entering the lubrication system can be separated quickly and discharged from the bottom of the oil tank.

(7) It is also necessary to protect the quality of equipment components from corrosion and rust.

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