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Transformer Oil BDV And Transformer Oil Purifier

Transformer Oil BDV And Transformer Oil Purifier

With the increasing development of the global economy, countries need more and more electricity, the consumption of transformer oil is also increasing, and the requirements for transformer oil quality are getting higher and higher. The transformer oil in operation is required to have good thermal conductivity and fluidity, good insulation, good oxidation stability, and long service life, which can meet customer requirements. With the rapid development of the power industry, users have higher and higher requirements for the physical, chemical and electrical properties of oil products, and new control indicators, such as pH and breakdown voltage (transformer oil bdv, or dielectric strength), have been continuously added.

Among the contaminants in transformer oil, water is the most harmful thing. It can be said to be the bane that affects the life of transformer oil. When the water content is greater than 50ug/g, it will reduce the dielectric strength of the oil, accelerate the aging and deterioration of the oil, and reduce the normal use performance of the oil. Therefore, trace water must be removed from the transformer oil to ensure the performance of the transformer oil. And as the transformer runs for a long time and the temperature rises, the water solubility of the transformer oil also increases, and the water exists in a suspended and soluble state in the oil. It exists in the oil in a homogeneous phase and is difficult to remove. In this situation, VACUUM TRANSFORMER OIL PURIFIER is an ideal equipment for removal of contaminants from transformer oil such as water, gases, particulate matters, etc.

With an Online Digital Moisture Content Tester (Optional) mounted on the vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, user can monitor the real-time water content of the transformer oil before and after oil treatment. And with PureTech manufactured DOUBLE-STAGE HIGH VACUUM Transformer Oil Purifier, the moisture content of transformer oil can be reduced to below 5 PPM. What's more, the breakdown voltage of transformer oil will also be improved significantly after filtration, with a Portable Transformer Oil BDV Tester, user can test the bdv of transformer oil before and after transformer oil treatment.  Also transformer oil purifier with thermal-vacuum technology can effectively remove gases from used transformer oil, used can perform a Dissolved Gas Analysis of transformer oil with a DGA test kit or Gas Chromatograph Tester.

By regular inspection and maintenance, filtration or regeneration of transformer oil can effectively ensure the performance and indicators of transformer oil, extend the service life of transformer oil, reduce expensive oil change costs, and even avoid Transformer failure caused by transformer oil deterioration. PureTech Oil Filtration is a leading manufacturer and solutions provider on transformer oil processing and other industrial oil treatment.

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