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How To Evaluate The Effect Of Oil Purifier

How To Evaluate The Effect Of Oil Purifier

What kind of Oil Purification Machine is of good quality ? what kind of oil filter machine has a good filtering effect ? and what kind of oil filtration machine is configured well ? these questions may be questions that many users often think about, and they are also lingering in their hearts. There are many Oil Purifier manufacturers in the market, and many users consult a lot. In the end, I don’t know which one to choose, who has good quality, good results of oil filtration, and after-sales service. In short, we are worried about whether the effect of the oil filteration machine can meet the requirements. Let's talk about the regular effect of the oil filtering machine.


What is a good effect? You can't just listen to your mouth. Hearing is false and seeing is believing. First of all, of course, directly observe the oil comparison before and after filtration to see if there is any change. From the basic physical appearance of color, clarity, emulsification, viscosity, odor, etc., see whether there is any change after filtration and before filtration. If there is a change, it will definitely be effective, and if there is no change, it will definitely be ineffective. If the change is small, it means the filtration effect poor. The general oil filtration effect of PureTech's oil filter is as follows:

 lube oil filtration can change the oil color from dark to yellow


Besides, you can also take the oil sample before and after oil filtration, take the samples to do the lab test, for instance, breakdown voltage test or dielectric strength test for transformer oil, moisture content test, acids content test, etc. If the value after oil filtration is improved a lot, then it means the oil filtration machine has a good and reliable performance.


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