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Newly Delivered Low Voltage Transformer Vacuum Oil Filtration Machine

Newly Delivered Low Voltage Transformer Vacuum Oil Filtration Machine

PureTech Newly delivered low voltage transformer vacuum oil filtration machine

PureTech newly delivered 600 ltr/hr vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine for low voltage transformers in Southeast Asia.

This single-stage vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine especially suits for low and medium voltage power transformers, it can improve the performance of oil insulation in transformers. It can perform oil purification maintenance treatment, oil filling of new transformers in the field. It is expected to adhere high degree of flexibility, easy of use, and filtration efficiency as per international standards.

Briefly, this machine includes following main components:

1. Coarse Filter (Pre filter) : macro particles and steel swarf are prevented from entering the unit by this filter.

2. Inlet/Outlet Valves: control the inlet/outlet flow to adjust a stable oil level in degassing chamber.

3. Electric Heater: oil heater housing is made of mild steel and insulated. The heating elements designed for a low specific surface load, this can protect the transformer oil from cracking because of high loads.

4. Thermostat: to avoid of overheating.

5. Degassing chamber: a place where the moisture and gases separated from the transformer oil. This T shape chamber enlarges the exposure surface of oil drops under vacuum, thereby greatly improve the efficiency of oil dehydration and degassing.

6.Oil pump: to discharge the oil out of the unit

7. Fine filters: they are replaceable filter cartridges which can remove 99.9% of tiny particles and impurities, the fine filter is 1 mircon.

8. Vacuum Pump: this degassing chamber is evacuated by a single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump with gas ballast device. A water condenser with drain-off valve is installed in the vacuuming part.

9. Electrical Control Cabinet: this machine has all necessary self-protection settings and parts, for example, to avoid no-oil-burning of heater, it also has phase-sequence instructor, etc. It has pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, temperature gauge, etc.

10. Foam control: To protect the vacuum pump from unexpected oil foam leakage.

11. Optional instruments and accessories: such as digital flow meter.

Besides, we accept customized options if you have specific requirements or ideas.

PureTech always works on the solutions of oil purification and filtration, and we try to be your always support not only in the machine, but also for the whole proposal and plan for you. If you have demands for oil purification and filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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