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1200 LPH Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Plant Delivered To Africa

1200 LPH Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Plant Delivered To Africa

DVOP-20 (1,200 liters/hour) Mobile Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant designed and manufactured by PureTech Oil Filtration was delivered to Africa this week. As a desired maintenance equipment for power industry, PureTech's transformer oil filtration plants are widely used by susbtations, oil filtration service companies, transformer service companies, etc., and received positive feedback on the excellent performance from our dear clients.

As one of the key equipment of power system, the normal operation of power transformer is the guarantee of safe and reliable operation of power system. Transformer oil is an important liquid insulating medium in oil-immersed transformer, which plays the role of insulation, cooling and arc suppression. Because water molecules are polar, sub, oil has a strong hydrophobicity, so in general less water dissolved in transformer oil. However, both the new oil shipped from the refinery and the purified oil contain a certain amount of water, gas, perticulate matters, dust, fiber and other contaminants.

DVOP series Transformer Oil Purifiers adopts double vacuum pumps, that is, rotary vane vacuum pump and vacuum booster. It can remove moisture, gases, dust and other impurities from dielectric oil quickly and effectively, thereby improve the performance of oil insulation and breakdown voltage, as well as oil properties. By scheduled oil testing and filtration, you can ensure the normal running of power equipment and avoid accidents.

Besides, DVOP series transformer oil filtration plants adopt three-stages filter elements to remove small particles (filtration fineness: 3 micron or 1 micron), electric heater with thermostat to avoid overheating, vacuum connection valve for transformer evacuation function, etc. The operation and maintenance of this Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is quite easy.

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