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Buying Guide for Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Part III

Buying Guide for Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Part III

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J. Other Equipment for Transformer Maintenance

In addition to the Transformer Oil Filter, the following machines are usually used for transformer maintenance.




Vacuum Pumping System
Double-stage vacuum pumping system (rotary vane vacuum pump + roots booster pump) is used for transformer evacuation/vacuuming transformers. (The dual vacuum pumps of PURETECH's double-stage high-vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine can also be used separately for transformer evacuation, the pumping speed depends on the vacuum pumps equipped with the oil filtration machine.) Contact PURETECH sales team to confirm if interested.
transformer vacuuming pump, transformer evacuation system

Dry Air Generator

Dry Air Generator is specially used for large-scale power equipment such as transformers and reactors, to provide dry air with dew point ≤-55°C-70°C during repair and maintenance. Dry air ensures that the interior of the electrical equipment is dry and does not get wet, the maintenance personnel will not suffocate due to lack of oxygen when working inside the equipment.

Dry Air Generator For Transformer maintenance

SF6 Gas Recovery and Filling Machine

SF6 Gas Recovery and Filling Machine is designed for circuit breakers, GIS, transformers, and other electrical equipment. After electrical equipment is evacuated, SF6 gas is filled inside, and recovered from the electrical appliances in use or test, purified and compressed and stored to storage tank at the same time.

sf6 gas recycling, purification and filling machine

K. PURETECH Sales and Technical Support

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Dear customer,

Through the above description, perhaps you already have a certain understanding of PURETECH's Transformer Oil Purifiers. If you have determined the model, flow, power supply, configuration, etc. you need, please inform our sales team. We will prepare a quotation and detailed technical information for you as soon as possible for your further reference.


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