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Maintenance of Oil Filter Press Machine

Maintenance of Oil Filter Press Machine

The oil filter press machine developed by PureTech Oil Filtration is a portable oil filtering machine which is mainly used to remove dust, mechanical particles and other impurities from lubricating oil. It performs the function of oil filtration by filter paper, the impurities in the oil will be intercepted by the filter paper while lubricating oil is pass through the filter paper. Each filter paper is fixed inbetween a filter plate and a filter frame, oil pump will transfer the lubricating oil to be filtered and form the pressure oil filter. Due to the advantages of filter paper, such as cheap price and large dirty holding capacity, the oil filter press is widely used in many industries which needs to perform oil filtering.

In order to extend the service life of oil filter press machine, and to achieve the best effect of oil filtration, we should also pay attention to the daily maintenance of oil filter press machine.

1. Always keep the oil filter press machine clean.

2. The ears of the filter frame and the filter plate are weaker than the rest material, so handle it gently when fixing them.

3. When pushing the oil filter press machine, the speed should not be too fast to avoid violent impact to the machine and damage the equipment.

4. Lubricants should be added to the compression screw nut frequently.

5. When using the oil filter press, the motor casing should be grounded to prevent accidents due to poor motor insulation.

6. When opening the upper box and the back box, do not use excessive force to avoid parts damage.

7. The connecting bolts of the motor and the bracket should be checked frequently to prevent loosening.

8. If you find that the amount of oil filtering is insufficient, you can check the following 5 aspects:

(1) Whether the suction pipe, coarse filter, oil sample valve, oil return pipe and joints are leaking.

(2) The suction pipe is too long (generally no more than 5 meters) or the pipe diameter does not meet the requirements.

(3) Whether the oil inlet pipe and the coarse filter screen are blocked.

(4) Whether the suction pipe is equipped with other accessories, causing excessive resistance.

(5) Whether the gear pump and safety valve are loose or not tight.