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Maintenance of Oil Filtration Machine

Maintenance of Oil Filtration Machine

Precautions for daily use of Oil Filtration Machine

There are many kinds of oil filtration machines provided by PureTech, such as Vacuum Oil Purifier, oil filter press, portable oil filter carts, used oil recycling plant, etc. Here we explain the precautions for daily use of Vacuum Oil Purifier, which  can perform oil dehydration under vacuum. It includes the Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, turbine oil filtration machine, Hydraulic Oil Filtration machine, gear oil filtration machine, lubricating oil filtration machine, etc.

1. When the vacuum pump is working, pay attention to the condition of the vacuum pump oil displayed on the oil mark (the oil level should be on the oil mark line). The vacuum pump oil should be replaced in time when it contains  much water.

2. Always pay attention to the pressure value change displayed on the pressure gauge. When the pressure value is ≥0.4MPa, the oil filtration machine will automatically stop working. At this time, the filter elements should be cleaned or replaced.

3. The filter screen of the primary filter(coarse filter) should be removed and cleaned frequently to avoid clogging, resulting in insufficient oil intake or excessive pressure. The fine filter which uses fiberglass as the filtering medium cannot be cleaned after clogging, it should be replaced. More info please check the article of maintenance of filter elements.

4. During operation, always pay attention to whether the operating noise of the pump and the corresponding motor is normal. If abnormal, it should be eliminated immediately.

5. When the machine is not in use, drain the vacuum pump oil and inject new oil.