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Must-to-know before operating oil purifier

Must-to-know before operating oil purifier

When the oil filter machine is operated in the winter, heat preservation measures should be adopted for the pipelines, vacuum tubes and other components, that is, to ensure the safety of the personnel and equipment in the oil filter work, and to ensure the safety of the filtered transformer.

   1. When used on site, the oil filter should be as close to the transformer or oil tank as possible. The oil suction line should not be too long to minimize the pipeline resistance.

   2. The connecting pipes (including the fuel tank) must be completely cleaned in advance and have good sealing.

   3. Strictly follow the operation sequence. When starting the oil filter, only after the vacuum pump, oil pump and heater operate normally and ensure the internal circulation is good, can the oil products be recycled.

   4. The purified oil contains a lot of mechanical impurities and free water. The bottom water and impurities must be eliminated in advance, and then fully filtered with other filtering equipment (such as centrifugal oil filter, pressure oil filter) to meet the crude oil specifications required by the vacuum oil filter, and then the vacuum oil filter can be used. Filtration to affect the service life of the oil filter.

   5 During the operation, the working condition of the oil filter (such as vacuum, flow, temperature, etc.) should be strictly monitored. The quality of the oil product before and after disposal (breakdown voltage, etc.) should also be regularly checked to monitor the purification effect of the oil filter.

Features of Oil Filtering Machine

1. The vacuum rotary oil inlet is used to install the tubular rotary fuel injector, which reduces the resistance, accelerates the rotation speed, and increases the oil-gas separation effect.

2. Added the regeneration and purification function of deteriorated oil, added the silicone oil purification system, and integrated the silicone oil purification and impurity filtering. After filtering out the impurities for the slightly deteriorated transformer oil, it will be adsorbed and regenerated by the silicone Oil Purifier. Make it meet the qualified oil standard.

3. There are two filtering methods for the oil filter part: one is the traditional oil filtering method-the filter paper is used as the filter medium; the other method is the special fine filter element that does not require the filter paper as the oil filter medium.

4. One machine with multiple functions. When used on site, the original oil-carrying equipment is used as an oil storage tank to circulate hot oil between the equipment, so that the three functions of oil filtering, regeneration, and hot oil circulation drying are performed simultaneously. Saving labor and time is indeed a triumph.