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Safety Protection Settings of Vacuum Oil Purifier

Safety Protection Settings of Vacuum Oil Purifier

The safety protection settings is essential to the reliable and stable performance of Vacuum Oil Purifier. On the one hand, these settings ensure the normal use of oil filtration equipment, on the other hand, also ensure that the oil treatment can achieve satisfactory results.

The Vacuum Oil Purifier developed by PureTech mainly adopts below safety protection settings.

1- Temperature Protection. (Constant temperature control to prevent oil from overheating)

2- Oil Level Protection. (coordinate with electromagnetic valve to control the oil level inside the oil degassing chamber)

3- Motor Overload Protection.

4- Overcurrent Protection.

5- Phase-lack Protection.

6- Overvoltage Protection.

7- Overpressure Protection.

8- Power Outage Protection. (Prevent the emergency of power outage)

9- Oil-lack Protection. (Prevent the heating elements working without oil)

10- Foam Control Protection. (Effectively reduce the foam generated in oil degassing)

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