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Reason for Emulsification of Steam Turbine Oil

Reason for Emulsification of Steam Turbine Oil

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(1) An emulsifier must be present in the oil. Emulsifiers can come from natural emulsifiers left in the oil refining process, or from oil degradation products, such as low-molecular naphthenic acid soaps and gums.

(2) When water and emulsifiers are present in the steam turbine oil at the same time, when the unit is running, the oil continues to circulate and flows back to the lubricating oil tank (sometimes it’s more precise to describe it as flushing into the oil tank), and the turbine lubricating oil in the oil tank is vigorously stirred, and finally an oil-water emulsion is formed. .

In short, when the three substances of oil, water, and emulsifier exist at the same time, the emulsion can only be formed under certain conditions.

Through PureTech Turbine Oil Purification Machine (Thermo-Vacuum Oil Purifier) can process emulsified turbine oil, with the coalescing separation technology and thermal-vacuum technology, the dissolved and free water can be effectively removed from turbine oil, to keep the turbine oil clean.