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Safe Operation of Oil Purifiers

Safe Operation of Oil Purifiers

Specifically, pay attention to the following points during the use of Oil Purifiers:

1. When used Oil Purifiers on site, the oil filter machine should be as close as possible to the oil storage plant, the oil suction pipeline is moderate, the pipeline resistance should be reduced as much as possible.   

2. The connecting pipes (including oil tank) must be thoroughly cleaned before treatment and have good airtightness.   

3. When operating the oil purifiers, strictly follow the specifications of the operating instructions.   

4. After the oil purifiers have been used for many times, it may contain some mechanical impurities and free water. Before reuse, the bottom water and impurities must be eliminated before oil filtering, in order to extend the life of the oil filter.   

5. During the operation, the working condition of the oil purifiers should be strictly monitored: such as vacuum degree, flow rate, temperature, etc., and the quality of the oil before and after treatment should also be regularly checked. To monitor the purification effect of the oil filter.   

Special attention: In winter, heat preservation measures should be adopted for pipelines, vacuum tanks and other components. When filtering oil in substations, the relevant provisions of the electrical industry safety work regulations issued by the power industry must also be observed.