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Advantages of Vacuum Oil Purification Machines

Advantages of Vacuum Oil Purification Machines

The oil filtration system is a machine for filtering oil, which can purify the oil through vacuum, centrifugal force, static electricity, filter element and other technologies and media, so as to achieve the purpose of improving quality or restoring oil value. The oil filtration machine is a non-standardized production of heterogeneous non-standard machinery, which can adapt to various different working conditions. It can be quickly adapted in various industrial enterprises and optimized to a certain extent to protect the normal and effective operation of the mechanical lubricating oil system, save production costs, and generally meet the requirements of environmental protection development.

Vacuum Oil Purifier is currently regarded as the mainstream oil filtration equipment in the market. The vacuum oil purification machine can filter the impurity particles of waste oil, as well as moisture, gases, lightly decolor, and deacidify, etc. It has multiple functions and more complicated mechanical structure. It is currently regarded as the most extensive oil filtration equipment in the field. Such as vacuum lube Oil Purifiers, Transformer Oil Purifier,vacuum dehydrator oil purification system, etc.

General performance characteristics of high-quality vacuum oil filtering equipment:

Unique and efficient demulsification dehydration and degassing system. Introduce the three-dimensional vacuum flash evaporation technology from Germany and the thin film evaporation technology from Italy to achieve powerful demulsification and dehydration. Large-area, multi-level separation of oil, water, and gas can quickly remove impurities such as water, gas, light hydrocarbons, acids, and gums in the oil, and the processing time of oil is short and the efficiency is high.

Strong magnetic filter system, composed of permanent magnetic material and stainless steel wire mesh (high particle permeability, large dirt holding capacity, high filtration accuracy, long service life, and the coarse filter is a washable and reusable filter element and does not need to be replaced).

Safe and reliable circulation type, constant temperature heat conduction oil heating control system, coil type pipeline design, heating element placed in the protective tube. It has the characteristics of fast heating, stable oil temperature, uniform heating, and no dead oil zone. The oil temperature can be set according to user needs.

High degree of automation, advanced pressure protection device, automatic oil level control. Avoid the influence of wrong operation on the equipment. In the course of use, if the pressure of the filter element is blocked due to wrong operation or the filter element is blocked, the power will be automatically disconnected to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and the pollution degree of the filter material can be detected.

Air-cooled design: No external water source is required, and the operation is simple and clean. The perfect strong wind condensation system cools the oil vapor and water vapor atomized from the vacuum tower quickly and separately, so that the available oil is never wasted.

This machine adopts stainless steel float type liquid level controller, which makes the operation simple and the performance is safe and reliable. To achieve the ideal working state of real separation of man and machine.

. The main electrical appliances are imported from France Schneider electrical appliances, which are reliable in quality and stable in performance, which can ensure the continuous operation of the equipment without failure.

The power supply of the equipment can be selected according to the user's working conditions, and the motor performance is stable and reliable.

. The online drainage system reflects the continuity of the equipment operation and does not miss the construction period.

. There are valves at the inlet and outlet ports, and the flow can be adjusted arbitrarily. After the oil has been filtered for a period of time, the oil can be drawn from the sampling port for inspection.