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Storage Management of Transformer Oil

Storage Management of Transformer Oil

Transformer is the power supply of electrical equipment. The insulation oil of oil-immersed transformer has the functions of insulation, cooling and arc extinguishing. Transformer oil plays an important role in the safe operation of transformers. For use, it is necessary to strictly manage the transformer oil in stock.


1. The acceptance of new transformer oil shall be carried out in accordance with relevant international regulations.

2. The transformer oil in operation shall meet the quality standard of routine inspection, and shall be regularly sampled for inspection.

3. For the transformer oil in operation, it is necessary to strengthen technical management and establish necessary technical files.

4. The oil samples taken should be tested in accordance with the provisions of "Test Methods for Oil Quality of Electric Power Systems". Sampling should be carried out on sunny days to avoid contamination by outside moisture or dust.

5. For fully sealed sampling, the dissolved water and gas in the oil must not be allowed to escape, and the air must not be mixed, and no air bubbles should be generated in the oil during operation.

6. When sampling from the transformer, the sample should be taken from the sealed sampling valve at the bottom of the transformer. Before sampling, the oil valve should be cleaned with clean cotton yarn, unscrew the nut, connect the oil-resistant pipe for sampling, and then drain the oil to rinse the pipeline. Collect the discharged waste oil in a waste oil container. The waste oil should not be directly discharged to the site. Finally, use a sampling bottle to sample. After sampling, tighten the screw cap.

7. Oil-filled electrical equipment such as transformers and arc suppression coils should generally be sampled from the valve at the bottom of the equipment.

8. When the transformer has a gas protection action, a short-circuit accident at the outlet, a lightning strike on the equipment, or other abnormal conditions, samples should be taken for analysis in time. If the oil sample is unqualified, the vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers should be used for filtration/purification/dehydration/degassing treatment immediately to remove the water, impurities and other pollutants in the oil. If necessary, use regeneration equipment or replace with new oil. Moisture, impurities and other pollutants, if necessary, use regeneration equipment or replace with new oil.

9. Before refueling the transformer, the products to be refueled should be re-inspected, and the refueling can be done only after the transformer is qualified. Before adding the new transformer oil to the transformer, it also needs to be filtered to prevent the new transformer oil from being polluted by air and dust during transportation or storage.

10. It is not advisable to mix transformer oils of different grades.

11. When the PH value of the main transformer oil is close to 4.4 or the color suddenly darkens, supervision should be strengthened. It is very likely that the transformer oil is severely oxidized and a large amount of oxidation products such as acid substances are produced. At this time, Transformer Oil Regeneration equipment should be used for deteriorated oil regeneration to prevent the further deepening of the oxidation degree of the transformer oil and restore the properties of the transformer oil to the standard quality.

12. Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the transformer oil storage area, and fire extinguishers are provided on site.

13. The transformer oil in stock should be well sealed to prevent water and dust from falling in, and to prevent the surface of the transformer oil from contacting the air for a long time and accelerating the aging.

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