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Portable Oil Filter Carts and Oil Filter Press

Portable Oil Filter Carts and Oil Filter Press

How to choose the Portable Oil Filter Press and Portable Oil Filter Cart ?

Portable Oil Purifiers (Portable Oil Filter Machine) can be said to be the cheapest category in the oil filter machine family, and enjoys the largest sales volume, as well as most wide applications. Because of its simple function (only filtering impurities) and simple structure (generally, the filter stage is 1-3 ), low price and good performance , it is very popular in various of industries, such as power industry, machinery, mining,etc. Generally there are two types that can be called "portable oil filter machine": Portable Oil Filter Carts and Plate-and-Frame Pressure Oil Filter (Oil Filter Press Machine).

Model OFC Portable Oil Filter Carts, our PureTech generally adopts three-stage filtering, as shown in the figure, through three-stage filtration and interception layer by layer to achieve the purpose of filtering impurities and ensuring oil cleanliness. The advantage of this three-stage oil filter cart is to save consumables, increase the dirt holding capacity and filter accuracy through layered interception, and reduce the probability of clogging. In addition, the portable oil filter cart can also be used as an oil pumping unit, such as transfer transformer oil from an oil drum into a transformer or from drum to drum.

Model PF Oil Filter Press Machine, or Plate And Frame Pressure Oil Filter, belongs to another kind of portable oil filter. It mainly uses filter paper to intercept impurities and filter the particles in the oil. The portable oil filter cart mentioned above generally uses The filter element intercepts impurities, which is the essential difference between the two portable Oil Purifiers. Generally speaking, the future consumables of the oil filter press using filter paper as the medium are cheaper. The price of filter paper is definitely much cheaper than the filter element. However, the filter paper is generally not durable. Replacement frequency is higher, and replacement is troublesome. For requirements of high filtration accuracy, the use of oil filter press is not recommended. Generally, the filter accuracy of plate and frame pressure oil filter can only reach about 20 microns, while the portable oil filter cart can reach the higher precision requirement of 5 microns or even 1 micron. The structure and style of the oil filter press are as follows: The rectangular box style is where the filter paper is installed, and it is also the main part of the pressure oil filter to realize its functions.

In general,

1- The Plate-And-Frame Pressure Oil Filter and the Portable Oil Filter Cart are designed to remove impurity particles in the oil, and are not suitable for the dehydration and degassing treatment of oil products (the Vacuum Oil Purifier is recommended for oil dehydration and degassing treatment. Please check the PureTech product list or consult us).

2- Secondly, the two filter media are different. Portable Oil Filter Cart generally use filter elements for filtration, and Oil Filter Press generally use filter paper.

3- Thirdly, the filtration progress of the Portable Oil Filter Cart is higher than that of the Oil Filter Press. If the filtration accuracy is less than 20 microns, it is best to choose the Portable Oil Filter Cart . Especially in filtration and transfer of transformer oil, it is recommended to use an portable oil filter cart instead of an oil filter press, because a small amount of fiber on the filter paper may be mixed into the transformer oil and cause secondary pollution.

4- The operation of the plate and frame pressure oil filter and the replacement of filter paper are relatively troublesome and easy to soil the site. The replacement of the filter element of the precision oil filter cart is relatively simple and the operation is very convenient;

5- In terms of price, the portable oil filter cart is cheaper than the plate and frame pressure oil filter, and the future cost of oil filter press is cheaper.

Therefore, how to choose the portable oil purifiers, please make a comprehensive decision based on our analysis and actual needs, or you can contact us for your dedicated solutions.