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How To Maintain Oil Purifier

How To Maintain Oil Purifier

1. Turn off the heater, stop the oil inlet pump (if the configuration includes oil inlet pump), and then stop the oil outlet pump (discharge pump) when the Vacuum Oil Purifier is stopped after operation. Close the inlet valve and outlet valve. When the value of the pressure vacuum gauge reaches above the working vacuum, then close the vacuum valve, then stop the vacuum pump, the cooling pump discharges the oil from the condenser, and close the remaining valves. Turn off the main power. If the ambient temperature is below 0℃ or when it is disabled for more than one month, the water tank should be drained.

2. When used in an environment with a temperature below 15°C, the vacuum pump oil must be heated to about 15°C before it can be started.

3. If the oil to be purified is too dirty, appropriate measures should be taken for pre-purification treatment, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine.

4. If the inside of the oil filter is too dirty or the use time is too long, when the inside needs to be cleaned, the outlet valve can be closed, the circulation valve can be opened, and the internal circulation cleaning can be carried out according to the starting procedure. After the cleaned oil is discharged, replace the filter elements if needed.

5. Check  the vacuum pump oil everytime before starting the machine, or fill the oil reservior of vacuum pump after finishing oil filtration each time to ensure there is enough vacuum pump oil inside.

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