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How to Process Transformer Oil

How to Process Transformer Oil

The necessity for regular purification of electrical insulating fluids in electrical apparatus has been recognized for a very long time. Moisture, solids and gaseous contaminants can seriously affect the function of electrical insulating fluids as a coolant and insulator.
This specification describes the equipment for the processing (degasification, dehydration, filtration and de-acidification) of transformer insulating oil. Oil Purifiers are designed for processing transformer oil in workshops or in the field, in storage tanks, drums or directly in transformers. Purification of oil in transformers can be carried out off-load or on-load depending on customer's preference.

PureTech provides you with different types of transformer oil processing machines:

1- Double Stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier     For High Voltage Transformers Above 110KV

It is a movable unit adopt double vacuum pumps, which provides a strong and reliable working vacuum, as well as better efficiency of oil degassing and dehydration.

2- Single Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier      For Low Voltage Transformers

It is a movable unit adopt single vacuum pump, compare to double stages type, its working efficiency is lower. This type is mainly suitable for low voltage transformers or no limited time for oil processing.

3- Vacuum Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant      For Vacuum Processing & Removal of Acids, Sludge and Oxides


It is a multi-functional oil regeneration system which can perform oil vacuum processing, oil dehydration, oil degassing, oil filtration, and removal of oxides, sludge, acides and other decaying products, as well as improving oil color.

4- Standalone Transformer Oil Regeneration Unit      For Removal of Acids, Sludge and Oxides

It is a standalone oil regeneration unit for deteriorated transformer oil and other lube oils, to remove the oxides, sludge, acides and other decaying products, as well as improving oil color.

Moreover, PureTech provides many OPTIONAL parts and accessories, such as roadworthy trailer, weather-proof cover, inline oil meters, etc. You are welcome to contact us for more information about transformer oil processing.