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Delivery of PureTech High Efficiency Transformer Oil Purifier

Delivery of PureTech High Efficiency Transformer Oil Purifier

PureTech delivered a new set of Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, it is a newly design based on conventional Vacuum Oil Purifier. This machine is designed with two stage vacuum chambers, so it further enlarges the oil evaporation area, process 2 times within one pass, therefore greatlty improve the effect and efficiency of oil dehydration and degasification.

Transformer Oil Filteration machine is mainly used for insulating-oil-filled electrical equipment. It is used for purification treatment of new transformer oil injected during transformer installation or replacement of new transformer oil after equipment overhaul. It mainly removes water, impurities, hydrogen, acetylene, methane, ethane and other gases from transformer oil, so that it can improve the flash point, breakdown voltage and dielectric strength of transformer oil, and reach the technical indicators of transformer oil stipulated by global standards within the specified time, shorten the processing time and improve the treatment efficiency.

The purification efficiency of Vacuum Oil Purifier mainly depends on the vacuum degree and oil temperature. This is very important for transformer oil used in ultra-high voltage equipment that needs to be deeply dehydrated and degassed. Properly increasing the oil temperature and lowering the oil's viscosity can accelerate the mass transfer process and improve the purification efficiency. But the oil temperature should not be too high, generally controlled below 60 ℃, in order to prevent the oxidation of oil or cause the volatile loss of antioxidants in the oil.

The vacuum Oil Purification Machine integrates precision filtration and efficient dehydration. The cleanliness which particulate impurities in the oil are filtered out after purification is expressed as NAS grade. Dehydration and degassing process mainly performed by the saturated vapor pressure of oil far lower than the saturated vapor pressure of water and other gases. Under a certain temperature and vacuum degree, the water and gas contained in the oil are vaporized and discharged through a vacuum pump.