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How To Extend The Service Life Of Oil Purifiers

How To Extend The Service Life Of Oil Purifiers

The oil filtration machines are now a relatively commonly-used environmental-friendly mechanical equipment. Many customers often have questions about the service life of this equipment. Under normal circumstances and correct operation and maintenance, our Oil Purification Machines are not easy to damage.

As long as the operation specification is standard and the maintenance is paid attention to, it will be used for more than 10 years. According to the experience of our company's Oil Purifier production and sales for nearly twenty years: 80% of the problem of Oil Purifier's service life is because of wrong operation and lack of maintenance.

Regardless of the size of the oil purification equipment, expensive or cheap. When choosing the oil filter machine, the customer always pay more attention to better quality and better price, as well as fine workmanship. From the structure, we can see why the operating rules will have such a big impact on the life of the oil purifiers.

First of all, the core components of the oil purifiers, such as vacuum pumps, oil pumps, vacuum gauges, flow meters, etc., can also be regarded as general precision instruments, especially those measuring instruments, because of their fragility, which may be damaged if not careful. The damage to the solenoid valve and vacuum gauge occurred when we sent the accessories to our customers, which could cause damage, not to mention unimaginable in such a long time, not to mention that our oil filter equipment is basically it is naturally easy to damage when used in workshops and other places with many people and dangers.

In order to reduce such damage and prolong the service life of the oil filter machine,  the oil filter machine should be used as much as possible and be proficient in the operation standard, and always remember the shutdown sequence clearly, read the instructions carefully during the use, and paste it in the oil filter. It is better to learn the operation skills carefully when the machine manufacturer sends someone to do training. It can't be sloppy. Both the oil filter manufacturer and the oil filter user must pay attention to it.

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