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Measure Vacuum of Vacuum Oil Purifier

Measure Vacuum of Vacuum Oil Purifier

Absolute pressure: Absolute pressure refers to the real pressure inside or somewhere in the equipment, it is equal to the sum of gauge pressure and atmospheric pressure, i.e.

P absolute = P gauge + P atm

Among them,

P absolute: absolute pressure;

P gaug: gauge pressure;

P atm: Local atmospheric pressure.


Gauge pressure: Gauge pressure refers to the difference between the absolute pressure inside the device or somewhere and the local atmospheric pressure, namely

P gauge = P absolute - P atm

Vacuum degree: The vacuum degree refers to the value of the absolute pressure inside the equipment or somewhere less than the local atmospheric pressure, namely

P vacuum = P atm - P absolute

Where: P vacuum: vacuum degree


For example, the pressure in the vacuum tank/vacuum chamber of the vacuum oil purifier is lower than the atmospheric pressure. It is known that the reading of the vacuum pressure gauge is 690mmHg, and the local atmospheric pressure is 710mmHg. How much is the absolute pressure in the vacuum tank?

P absolute = P atm - P vacuum = 710 – 690 = 20 (mmHg)

               = 20/735.6= 0.027 (kgf/cm2)

               = 20/(7.5 x10-3)= 2666.7 (Pa)

                = 2666.7x10-5 = 0.0267 (bar)

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