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Purification Methods of Transformer Oil

Purification Methods of Transformer Oil

After the transformer has been running for a period of time, if the transformer oil quality electrical index test fails due to various reasons, oil filtering treatment is required to improve transformer oil purity and eletrical index like breakdown voltage.

The main reasons for its failure are excessive water content, other impurities, and hydrocarbon gases.

Because the transformer has been filled with oil, it cannot be usually shut down completely to extract all the oil for filtration. Therefore, oil filtering can only be done online. The oil filter needs an external oil filter and an oil drain drum. Put the new oil (the oil that has passed the test and the insulation and pressure is qualified into the clean oil drain barrel, connect the external oil filter, the oil drain barrel and the transformer pipeline as one, and perform external circulation online filter oil).

1. Online oil filter should be operated continuously to ensure that the weather is fine and the air humidity is low, and it is best to carry out continuous operation for 24 hours under conditions.

2. The vacuum oil filter must have a certain amount of power. Considering the size of your transformer and the position of the oil pillow, if the oil filter is too small, the oil circulation may not go down.

3. The oil circulation is carried out from the open valve on the oil pillow. It is best to wrap it up after opening here to prevent other debris from falling into the transformer oil pillow when filtering the oil.

4. After filtering the oil for a certain period of time, take an oil sample for testing. After passing the test, the oil filter can be stopped, and after the oil inside the oil pillow is replenished, the upper check valve of the oil pillow can be closed. After the transformer is left to stand overnight, it can be powered on.

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