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Things To Know About Operating Oil Purifier

Things To Know About Operating Oil Purifier

Notes on the use of oil filter:

1. During the use of the oil filter machine, the oil pump may inhale air and thus affect the real flow of the oil pump. In order to achieve the rated flow of the oil filter and ensure the normal operation of the fine filter element, the oil filter tube should be checked in time.

2. After a period of time, the fine filter element of the Oil Purifier is easily blocked by pollutants, causing the pressure of the filter cartridge to rise. When the pressure gauge value reaches 0.4MPa, the fine filter element needs to be replaced in time.

3. When the oil filter is started, care should be taken not to reverse the oil pump, so as not to cause the oil pump shaft seal to blow out and cause inhaled air.

4. In order to ensure the oil filtering effect, the oil suction and oil discharge hoses we use should be kept clean at all times.

5. After using the oil filter for a period of time, if the surface of the coarse filter is seriously blocked by pollutants and the oil absorption is not smooth, causing the noise of the oil pump to be too loud, the oil filter should be shut down to clean or replace the filter.

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