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Working Process of Transformer Air Dryer

Working Process of Transformer Air Dryer

PureTech is the manufacturer of various range of Heatless Compressed Air Dryer system for moisture removal in air, which is also called as Dry Air Generator. These Compressed air dryers are designed for transformer Drying application.

These air dryers are specially designed to suit the transformer application with additional refrigeration air dryer, auto drain valve, air filters. The air dryer is designed and sized keeping in mind the criticality and sensitivity of the transformers to the moisture.

Following is a brief description of the working process of these compressed air dryers.

A Heatless compressed air dryer is the desiccant type air dryer for achieving a dew point of-70 or better.


Incoming Compressed air is dried with refrigeration dryer then it passes through carbon filter, pre filter passes through the slide piston valve assembly and is directed towards absorber chamber I where the compressed air passes through the high quality of desiccant. Compressed Air drying takes place by adsorption. Dry Compressed air from absorber chamber I then passes through the check valve assembly and then through the after-filter to the transformer While Compressed air is being drying in chamber I the desiccant in chamber II where the desiccant has been wetted in the previous cycle is being simultaneously regenerated. The chamber Il is depressurized to atmosphere through the purge valve in the downward direction. A portion of the dry compressed air passes through the needle valve / orifice plate through the desiccant and flushes out the absorbed moisture, when the regeneration is complete, the purge valve is closed and the tower is slowly repressurized to line pressure for a smooth changeover. Efficient dew point of-70C or better can be achieved through effective drying system comprising of refrigeration dryer and heatless air dryer. For continuous measurement of the quality of the air online digital dew point meter can be provided on request.

What’s more, the dry air generator designed by PureTech works continuously, which means the dry air can be supplied continuously while transformer drying and maintenance, the filters can realize self-drying function.

More details about PureTech Dry Air Generator, welcome to inquire us.