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Why should pay attention to oil viscosity

Why should pay attention to oil viscosity

The viscosity of oil products is different, the flow state is different, and the oil pumps for transporting oil products should be different. Therefore, the configuration of the selected oil filtering equipment is also different. In the International System of Units, the unit of kinematic viscosity of oil is s, that is, square meters per second (m2/s), which is commonly used in the actual measurement, (cst) means that the unit of centistokes is square millimeters per second (ie 1cst= 1mm2/s).

Because the viscosity is slightly higher or too high, it will affect the pumping capacity of the oil filter oil pump, and also make the viscous oil unable to pass through the fine filter element. Therefore, we must understand the factors that affect the viscosity. The most important factor that affects the viscosity is temperature. Oils of the same viscosity will decrease in viscosity at high temperatures and increase in viscosity at low temperatures. (Viscosity, oil mill strength, and fluidity are directly proportional. When the viscosity increases, the fluidity of the oil naturally decreases, which is not conducive to the filtering of impurities in ordinary oil filters).

1. For oil products with higher viscosity, high-viscosity oil pumps should be used as delivery pumps.

2. In the state of heating, the viscosity of the oil is reduced, and an ordinary pump can also be used as a delivery pump.

The oil filter has added a heating system (heating system includes heater, constant temperature controller, interlock protection device, heating electric control cabinet, etc.). Before the high-viscosity oil is filtered through the filter element, it is heated first to reduce the viscosity of the oil. Let it smoothly pass through the filter element of the oil filter to achieve the purpose of filtering impurities.

Therefore, the filtration of high-viscosity gear oil, engine oil, etc. can also be selected according to the actual working conditions. PureTech GOP Model Gear Oil Purifier is especially designed for gear oil purification.